The Return

I am back from my vacation to my home state.

While there, I had a great visit with my mom, who is always the perfect host.

In addition, Aunt #1 let me know that I got a few facts wrong in my post about Uncle #1, and I learned that Cousin #1 is planning a big move (more on this later). Late in the trip, I went drinking with Cousin #6, during which one of us said something so funny that alcohol was spit out. I will not identify the guilty party.

Also, my abuela made pupusas for my wife and me, which we transported across state lines as quickly as we could before they thawed out. Their loss would have been at least a tragedy and, quite possibly, an actual crime.

I also hung out on my former roommate’s 100-acre farm (Latinos seldom get this rural, unless they’re picking lettuce), and I caught a baseball game with some old friends. And yes, our team clinched a postseason spot – most cool!

Finally, I accompanied my wife to her high school reunion, where it was verified by several of her classmates that she has aged extremely well and is – to quote one inebriated guy – “even hotter now than when she was a teenager” (let it be noted that I did not punch him).

The closest I came to updating the blog was when I checked to see how my last piece for the Huffington Post had done. I was pleased to discover that it had received seven or eight insightful comments, which I thought was pretty good until I noticed that Jaime Lee Curtis had written something in the same section that got 412 comments… come on! The woman from “Christmas with the Cranks” is pummeling me.

So it’s clear that I have to get back to work. Fresh posts are coming. Stay tuned.


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